Novato Car Wash is committed to your safety!

Let’s work together

To keep our associates and customers safe, Novato Car Wash asks that you please wear a mask, practice social distancing at all times, and remove all used personal items from your vehicle before we service your vehicle (i.e. open drinks, food items, used masks or gloves, straws, toothpicks, flossers, tissues, napkins, etc.).  Help us keep everyone at Novato Car Wash safe!

Protective gloves and other equipment

Our associates use protective gloves but will continue to solicit your assistance in the removal of personal items prior to our entry into your vehicle. In the event personal items are left in your vehicle after cleaning, it is done in the vein of safety.

Seating areas, countertops, and restrooms

For the safety of all, our common areas are cleaned frequently. This is our commitment to safeguard our customers and employees. This cleaning is followed by a thorough cleaning each evening after we close the shop.

Employee Health Checks

Each Novato Car Wash employee participates in a daily health screen which includes a temperature check allowing Novato Car Wash to be proactive in the protection of all. We are working for full compliance with the Governor’s COVID-19, as well as following Cal-OSHA worker safety rules. These rules include 100% employee training, job hazard assessments, and emergency disease mitigation plan to name a few.  All employees have also received their COVID vaccination(s).

Novato Car Wash would like to thank all customers and employees for their participation in assisting us in keeping our communities safe. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these unprecedented times.